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Frequently Asked Questions

1) What's the big deal? It's only a screen shot.

Screen shooting an image from our website, with the Paws and Rewind watermark, then sharing that image on social media is stealing. You have not paid for that image.


If you would like to share your photo on social media and support your photographer, you may share your gallery's url link (or a specific photo) on social media right from our photo site.

Here is How: Click the Share Button in the bottom of your photo's screen

The Share Box will appear on your screen. Then click the Social Tab and choose your social media of choice.

To purchase the photo for Social Media sharing  please select the Personal Use Digital Download . . . it's instant,  won't have our watermark across the image, and you're supporting the photographers who stand ringside to capture this moment for you.

Click on the Green "Buy Photos" box and select "This Photo"

Click on "Downloads"  and select "Personal Photo License"

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