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Sarah Scheiring Wins 1st and 2nd Place of the $25,000 Grand Prix of Princeton Show Jumping

Paws and Rewind interviews Sarah Scheiring on her first and second place wins in the $25,000 Grand Prix of Princeton Show Jumping.

"My Name is Sarah Schiering. I was first and second today in the $25,000 Grand Prix at Princeton. I was riding my horse Donetz, we bought a 7 year old, he is very talented and scopey but we’ve had some issues with bridling but I think we have finally figured it out.

Newtown Jumping Jack, the horse that I was second on, was a boys horse for the past 3 years. I just started riding him a couple months ago. He was very successful in the 1.40m at WEF and hoping to move up and continue having the same success.

We love coming to Princeton. My horses always jump phenomenally here. The footing is outstanding. I can’t say enough great things about the courses. We love Andrew and Sarah."

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