IHSA Zone 3 Championships hosted by Centenary University Equestrian Studies

IHSA President, Bob Cacchione, welcomed everyone to the Zone 3 Championships: "Your Association now, this year, has grown 400 colleges, you’re in 39 regions, you have over 10,000 riders a year doing IHSA. The top riders for Zone 3 are here today and keep going forward. Congratulations to all of those riders. Alright lets horse show! Let's rock and roll!"

The staff of Paws and Rewind highly enjoyed going back to college for a day. The founders of Paws and Rewind met on the Penn State Equestrian Team during while attending Penn State. Multiple employees of Paws and Rewind also participated in IHSA during their college careers, one being a graduate of Centenary University and another being a Hartwick College alumni.

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