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Interview with Adrienne Marciano | Winner of the $7,500 SJHF High Junior/Amateur-Owner

Paws and Rewind spoke with Adrienne Marciano about her horse Laspari and how she felt about showing under the lights at the Devon Fall Classic.

“Hi My name is Adrienne Marciano and my horse is Laspari and he just won his second in a year Devon Fall Classic in the high amateurs. Laspari is a 12 year old German warmblood. He was found by Seth Vallhonrat and he is my horse of a lifetime. I absolutely adore him and we were champion at Devon in 2014, we were champion this year at Devon, and he was champion last year at Devon Fall Classic of course and then this year. He's just always stepping up to the plate for me. I love him and I can't say enough good things about him. His heart is in it, he knows what he has to do, and he always rises to the occasion. And he’s sweet.

I'm a little bit in a transition period and Kevin Babington is now helping me and when we first started the warm up wasn't right the first day and then I decided to do the second day yesterday and we were third and then tonight we won it. So luck was on my side!

So Devon is basically my hometown so my family and friends are usually here but they didn't really make it out tonight, some of my family, but a lot of my friends are in the crowd and it's so great because there's regular people here that know nothing about horses and they're so excited to see the horses. The atmosphere is amazing and I just love showing under the lights. It's a beautiful venue and I try to attend every show they have during the year.

I own a company called I design flexible riding belts and they are in about 30 retailers in the USA. We have some big announcements coming up soon if you want to subscribe to the website.”

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