Paws and Rewind asks . . . Who are you rooting for at the $25,000 Devon Fall Classic Grand Prix?

"Paws and Rewind asks . . . Who are you rooting for in the $25,000 Devon Fall Classic Grand Prix?

Colin and I are here rooting for Kevin Babington tonight.

I’m here rooting for Kevin Babington.

Hi. I’m rooting for Gus Torsillieri tonight.

I’m here rooting for Willie Tynan

I’m rooting for Matthias Hollburg from Germany!

I’m rooting for Laura Chapot.

Hey! We’re rooting for Laura Chapot. We want her to win it! She has three [horses] in it. Kate Sunny and Amy [Thornhill Kate, California, Out of Ireland]. And I think Kate is the go to horse, she’s first so we will see what happens.

Matt Holburg and his wife is having a baby next week.

Good how are you today. I am rooting for Kevin Babington. He always kicks ass and I think tonight is his night as well.

He’s a local guy, we like him, we support him, we don't know him, but if he knew us he would love us because we are that much fun. He would want to hang with us. Cheers!

He’s [Kevin Babington] is a great competitor, he’s done a great job this past spring.

We’re rooting for Laura Chapot! We always do.

I’m rooting for Tracy Magnus because she is training me this weekend. Candy has been doing really well and I think she is going to rock it!"

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